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[First Anniversary] Accommodation package with the ultimate pork miso soup breakfast

Celebrating its first anniversary on November 1, ONE@Tokyo is offering a special accommodation package that includes the “Kiwami ultimate pork miso soup” breakfast from the popular pork miso soup specialty restaurant, TORA DELI.

Using ingredients that only a French chef could produce, ONE@Tokyo’s breakfast menu offers a delicacy that far surpasses the taste of pork miso soup usually served at home. In addition to the special pork miso soup, the menu also includes brown rice and tsukemono pickles, a dish familiar to the Japanese. The “Kiwami pork miso soup with side dishes” is a Japanese-style menu that includes pork miso soup, brown rice, pickles, and a choice of three side dishes from a selection of six.

From breakfast on November 1, 2023

7:00〜10:00(L.O. 9:30)

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-Kiwami pork miso soup with brown rice (Simple Japanese Breakfast)
-Kiwami pork miso soup with side dishes (Japanese Breakfast Set)