Accommodation Plan with Sumida River Fireworks Festival Viewing [Reservations will be accepted from June 24 at 10:00]

ONE@Tokyo is offering an accommodation plan exclusively on our official website that will allow you to enjoy the Sumida River Fireworks Festival on Saturday, July 27 from the rooftop on the top floor of the hotel or from your room. Reservations will be accepted from the following date and time.

Reservations start

from Monday, June 24, 2024 at 10:00

Accommodation Plan

- Fireworks Viewing Plan from Rooftop

- Fireworks Viewing Plan from Guest Room

How to reserve

Please make reservations from the accommodation plan details page in the EXPERIENCE section of the official website.

*Please note that reservations cannot be made by telephone.


*On the day of the Fireworks Festival, no one other than the hotel guests will be allowed to enter the hotel. Please note that even for guests staying at the hotel, no more than the number of guests reserved will be allowed to enter the hotel.

*If the Fireworks Festival is canceled due to bad weather or other reasons, and you cancel your reservation, you will be charged the standard cancellation fee (100% cancellation fee).

*Rooftop is only available to those who have reserved the. Fireworks Viewing Plan from Guest Room  or  Fireworks Viewing Plan from Rooftop. (Exclusive tickets will be distributed)

*Rooftop will not be available from 15:00 to 18:00 on the day of the fireworks due to venue preparation.